Honor & Folly

A second-story, small-scale guesthouse, Honor & Folly is situated in Detroit’s oldest neighborhood. With historic Victorian architecture and remnants of the original cobblestone streets, Corktown is charming, walkable and full of great restaurants, bars and historic attractions, including Michigan Central Station—the abandoned train station right across the street designed by the same architects as New York’s Grand Central. The last train left the station in 1988, and although scrappers have ripped out most of the marble and whatever else was left, it’s still a stunningly beautiful Beaux-Arts behemoth. The view from the living room is unmatched. The space is surprisingly sublimely quiet, considering all the activity unfolding at street level downstairs.

There are two bedrooms, each with a queen bed and separate bathroom, for a capacity of four people total and additional sleeping arrangements for kids. Whether you occupy one or two of the bedrooms, you have access to the entire apartment.

When my husband and his brother bought three decrepit buildings on a run-down block in Detroit more than a decade ago, they were a complete wreck of a shell, hollowed out and filled with detritus and flying birds. There was no traffic. No streetlights. You could stand in the basement—with trash up to your knees—and see the sky. We moved into an apartment upstairs and nailed our door shut behind us every night with a power drill. Now, 11 years – and three kids – later, we live in a rehabbed Victorian a few blocks away with real locks on the doors, and the block is one of the busiest in the city. I’m not sure how it happened, but it has been a thrill to see.

So many amazing Corktown neighbors:
Sugar House
Two James
Detroit Institute of Bagels
Brooklyn Street Grill
Ditto Ditto
Otava Via
St. Cece’s
El Dorado
Rachel’s Place
Batch Brewing
Worker’s Row House

Corktown is a walk-able neighborhood, and the prime location provides easy access to the rest of the city: 15-minute walk downtown; 15-minute walk to the riverfront; 5-minute drive to Eastern Market; 10-minute drive to Belle Isle.

We used to host cooking classes, but then we stopped because our calendar was too busy with guests staying overnight (we’re not complaining). We’re still open to collaborations, special occasions, pop-ups, based on availability. Give us a shout, and we’ll see what we can work out.

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